ULIS’ infrared imaging sensors bring lightweight and low power consumption advantages to manufacturers of surveillance and security systems to enable them to produce increasingly more compact and energy efficient equipment in large volumes of thermal detection systems.

ULIS is one of the few infrared sensor makers offering large-scale manufacturing. The recent addition of a new manufacturing facility is expected to increase production capacity from 200,000 to 1.5 million units per year.  This extended capacity is needed to meet the growing demand in thermal cameras for video surveillance, transportation (such as road safety and protecting pedestrians), predictive maintenance and energy audits, as well as search and rescue operations.

Protecting People and Property with Thermal Vision

Night Vision Enhancement Protecting People and Property with Thermal Vision

Video surveillance is crucial to protecting people and property. And yet, daytime security cameras do not provide adequate surveillance at night or any low light condition—when it is most critical. What is more, installing additional lighting is often impractical.

Thermal Imaging Technology for Surveillance and Security Thermal Vision Technology

Advances in thermal imaging technology have made today’s security cameras efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. There is no reason not to make nighttime video surveillance a part of your security strategy.

Improving Road Safety Through Enhanced Vision

Thermal imaging technology uses the heat that is naturally radiated by pedestrians, cyclists, animals, and other roadside obstacles to produce images, even at night and in bad weather. This technology can significantly improve drivers’ vision—and that means safer roads for everyone.

Enhancing Predictive Maintenance and Energy Audits

Real-time infrared imaging can help achieve substantial savings by providing valuable data for building inspections, energy audits, process control, maintenance, and a range of other applications. ULIS’ thermal imaging sensors provide accurate images of an environment in real time. This enables users to detect building energy losses, improve industrial process automation, as well as prevent costly hazards and malfunctions before they occur.

ULIS’ thermal imaging sensors deliver a number of benefits for thermography camera manufacturers:

√ High-performance, cost-effective solutions that enable product differentiation
√ Guaranteed product availability to optimize manufacturing processes
√ Compact sensors to further shrink the size of handheld cameras
√ Low-power sensor designed specifically to offer longer battery autonomy of handheld cameras

ULIS’ thermal imaging sensors deliver a number of benefits for camera users:

√ High image resolution for accurate readings of a building’s environment
√ Pinpoint building energy loss quickly and easily to implement energy-saving measures
√ Ensure that buildings are energy-efficient, and therefore healthy
√ Obtain the data needed to prove compliance with environmental standards and agreements

Helping Search and Rescue Professionals

Infrared cameras are the single most reliable source of information for search and rescue operations. Thermal imaging technology has matured and today enables camera manufacturers to offer a range of easy-to-use products that meet the demand for cost-effectiveness and performance.

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