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Rifle Marksmanship Training, Shooter Training System

Shooter Training SystemsNoptel was the first company to introduce an optical training system for everyday use. Since 1982 the company has supplied more than 10 000 units to more than 60 countries. The Noptel Training Program allows using own conventional or scaled targets or conventional pop-up or moving targets. The training scenarios and level of difficulty can easily be varied in the field. The three-phase Noptel Integrated Rifle Marksmanship (IRM) Program takes into account the important factors behind successful military marksmanship instruction.
The training program starts with indoor training to achieve sufficient marksmanship skills and to understand the shooting principles. This helps the shooter to manage better in the further studies and to perform the field exercises in a safe and efficient way. In each section of the training program most part of the shooting is made safely using optical training devices instead of the live fire. The benefit of this is that the shooter has the possibility to get more training exercises in the same time frame because the user friendly environment allows mistakes to be made without endangering the trainee.
The live fire safety procedures are practice throughout all training, however the trainee can be allowed to make mistakes as part of the training methodology. The shooter is shown where he is deficient and then the corrective action. The increase in training repetitions will make for a better shooter in both basic shooting, maneuver and combat skills. The final exercise and test is always made using live fire, but in that phase of the training program the shooter is already a skilled shooter and can handle this challenge.

Indoor Marksmanship Training

Indoor training system allows training of practically all disciplines in a classroom. The shooter has the same difficulty level as in the real shooting. He will see the gun pointing path, hit point and grading of the shots in the computer display. This helps him to understand the basic shooting techniques and be prepared to live fire shooting. Sufficient basic shooting skill is essential for the shooter to be successful in the further training.

Advanced Marksmanship Training

Advanced Marksmanship TrainingIn the shooting range the shooter can practice more advanced shooting skills. Outdoor training adapts the shooter to the real or realistic environment and helps him to bear the weather, distance, other shooters, noise and other disturbances and still hit the target. Outdoor training can comprise of one or more targets in each lane. When the shooter hits the target, it falls down. The targets are computer controlled and the shooter can use rapid fire in the shooting.

Outdoor Marksmanship Training

 Outdoor Marksmanship Training
The Maneuver Range exercise helps the shooter to understand the process of attacking the hostile targets in coordination/synchronization with other friendly elements and practice it until he is ready to make the training with live fire safely. The safe training at the ranges can be major part of the total training, making the throughput more efficient and results better than using only live firing.
After passing the Field Training the soldier will be able to hit the target with each shot tolerate battlefield shooting conditions handle the weapon with confidence use live fire safely and will be ready for further training to learn tactical skills and more advanced operations in the field.
The leading principle in developing shooter training systems has been to make simple, easy to use and efficient systems that any shooting instructor can use as a daily tool for the training of shooting skills. The Noptel system is a serious tool for all shooting instructors and training centers. It can be used in a daily training without extra hassle, difficult calibration and support of computer experts. It is meant to be a tool for any military trainer.
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