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Radio Tactics is a specialist innovator of high-tech digital intelligence, mobile data device forensics and evidence gathering equipment used globally by military, law enforcement, governments and intelligence agencies.

Our exploitation devices provide security focused organisations with ability to interrogate mobile phones, GPS & portable digital devices, providing real-time capture of intelligence and evidence.


The number of mobile devices in circulation continues to grow so does the challenge that crime managers face. The Radio Tactics ACESO platforms enable restricted access, evidentially-sound data extraction from mobile phones, tablets, GPS devices and media cards. ACESO Kiosk is for use in custody suites and other fixed locations and ACESO Field is for use on the move.

Mobile Device Data Extraction Solution For The Frontline - ACESO Mobile Device Data Extraction Solution For The Frontline - ACESO in use Mobile Device Data Extraction Solutions - ACESO in use

Examine more mobile devices, more quickly

ACESO empowers police officers with the ability to examine and interrogate phones and other mobile devices quickly and accurately. This allows those on the frontline to increase the numbers of 'real time' examinations and provides the capacity to investigate high volume and low level criminal cases.

Evidence and intelligence in the palm of your hand

ACESO meets ACPO guidelines and complies with the 'Four Principles' adhering to the recovery of evidence from electronic devices. ACESO is unique in this respect and enables police forces to capture large volumes of evidentially-sound data, which contributes to early clear ups and faster case progression.

Identify additional lines of enquiry and act
while the chain of evidence is live

The value of intelligence and evidential data deteriorates rapidly once a phone has been seized. An ACESO evidence report takes an average of just 20 minutes to produce in the majority of handset examinations. This enables officers to act on information contained within a device whilst a suspect is still in custody.

Using recovered call registers, photographs, videos, SMS, email and social networking data retrieved by ACESO, officers can obtain information that would otherwise be unavailable. This data can lead to additional cause for arrest and the identification of associates and other people of interest.

Integrated Camera Capability - ACESO Camera Studio Integrated camera capability

Radio Tactics ‘integrated’ camera capability on the ACESO Kiosk platform allows users to quickly and seamlessly add exhibit photographs into a mobile device evidence report. The solution has been developed to facilitate the addition of these photographs in a manner that remains fully compliant with Best Practice guidelines for digital evidence collection.

ACESO platform features

  • Secure Keycard login required to access the unit
  • Easy-to-use, fully guided process aligned to customer operating procedures
  • Intelligence and data capture from smartphones and ‘Apps’
  • Metadata access to extract critical details, including time and date, geotagging and make and model of device used
  • Simple touch screen user interface with keyboard entry of customer specific text fields
  • Safe network access blocking with Radio Tactics’ patented Handset Access Card technology
  • High levels of security and integrity with all data stored in AES encrypted format
  • Integrated Analysis Suite for report pre-viewing and burning to disc for the evidential file
  • Range of data output formats supported including PDF, XLS and encrypted RTL
  • USB output option available
  • Complete set of cables and peripherals

ACESO platform features - ACESO Studio monitor ACESO Studio Kit Bag RadioTactics KeyCard


The solutions enable secure connection of geographically deployed ACESO terminals to enable the storage of the data in a central archive, which, for this rich pool of mobile device acquisition data, can generate time and cost savings associated with the creation of evidential discs.

With all of this acquisition information stored in one central location, officers will be able to collaborate more easily and quickly retrieve records. The installation of the basic archive capability can then be leveraged to link phone acquisition data into wider intelligence gathering investigations. Radio Tactics’ technical consultants are available to help customers define appropriate next steps.

ACESO In Use - Network Solution Radio Tactics - Network Solutions

Compliance and Evidential Integrity

Evidential integrity is maintained by ensuring that the ACESO units remain locked down and protected against malicious attack or information leakage by an internal firewall. Communication is only possible between secure validated ACESO client terminals and the central hub. A secure encrypted protocol has been developed to absolutely assure the integrity of the solution.

Radio Tactics Service and Support SERVICE & SUPPORT

Radio Tactics place great emphasis on working together in partnership with customers to build & maintain strong relationships, delivering continual advancements to the ACESO intelligence & evidence gathering solution. Hence, we offer tailored Service & Support packages and have a dedicated support team that provide rapid response and expert advice to maximise each customer’s operational effectiveness.

Quarterly software/hardware updates

Radio Tactics provide an absolute minimum of four software updates every year, covering new device support & app decoders, general software enhancements and fixes. Where cables are required for new handset support these are also included

Management Information Report

Radio Tactics have integrated encrypted audit logging facilities into each ACESO which automatically logs usage information, but no data extracted from examined devices. This audit log data is used to create a Management Information Report helping customers to “manage” their ACESO deployment more effectively and to provide an Audit Trail that can be used as part of the legal process to underpin the provenance of evidence submitted in court

Repair/replace service

Our in-house UK Fulfilment and Support Team are able to provide a rapid repair/replace service for faulty/damaged equipment in the event of any breakdown.

Technical Support

A range of communication channels can be utilised including dedicated email, telephone and web-based support. The direct phone number for all support enquiries is +44 (0)23 80333 393. Different levels of maintenance contract are available and can be tailored to the particular requirements of a specific force – this could include full onsite support options.

Access to secure Customer Support Portal

We provide all Service & Support customers with exclusive access to the secure customer support portal on our website which enables download of all upgrades and relevant documentation regarding Radio Tactics’ products.


Radio Tactics’ Get it Logged – Get it Back! campaign is an end to end solution for police forces, local authorities, community partnerships and businesses that reduces property theft and deters acquisitive crime.

HERMES Studio Radio Tactics APOLLO Scanner HERMES Property - Get it Logged

The Campaign consists of the HERMES Property Protection System which enables rapid registration of property onto a secure national database of property ownership and the APOLLO Handheld Property Scanner that enables police officers to instantly identify stolen property. The Campaign also includes customised marketing material to publicise anti-crime initiatives. All of these elements are conveniently packaged as a complete ‘Campaign-in-a-Box’.

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