CP Cases Ltd

CP Cases manufacture a range of protective packaging solutions that are in use by armed forces across the globe. Available in a range of materials including polyethylene, aluminium and fabric, CP Cases can modify a standard product or design a bespoke solution to meet any requirement.

Rotomoulded cases

Manufactured from rotomoulded virgin polyethylene, Amazon ruggedised cases and 19 inch racks are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

The rotomoulding process allows the polymer to thicken at the corners and edges, creating cases and racks that can absorb large amounts of impact whilst safely protecting the equipment inside.

Other advantages of rotomoulded polyethylene include being stable in temperatures between -40°c to +70°c, resistant to solvents and acids and UV stable.

Additives with special properties can also be added to the polyethylene. This includes flame retardant, reduced infra-red reflectivity and anti-static materials.

Amazon lids are designed with a moulded-in lip that engages positively with the case body, ensuring no lid displacement occurs if subjected to sideways force. The lid is sealed with a waterproof gasket making cases and racks watertight and dustproof to IP65 and MIL-STD-810F.

Optional wheel kits can be fitted to cases of 750mm and greater in length. The 70mm 'roller blade' style wheels are recessed so that they do not extend beyond the dimensions of the case and come into operation when tilted.

If any of the standard Amazon case sizes are not suitable, we can work with you to design and manufacture a customised solution that will completely meet your requirements, whilst having all of the benefits of the standard product.

19” Electronics Racks with Anti Vibration Mounting


Amazon rotomoulded 19 inch rack frames are available in standard rack heights of 4U to 12U and frame depths of 480mm or 610mm. Lids are available in 70mm or 125mm sizes. Deeper lids allow longer equipment to be installed and wheel kits to be fitted.

Military Ruggedised Cases, E-Rack

The E-Rack 19” ruggedised electronic transit rack is constructed from 1.5mm high-tensile aluminium alloy. It is used in a variety of applications including satellite and military communications, broadcast field stations and offshore test and measurement equipment.

E-Rack is rated to IP65 with lid and body joints sealed with a silicon gasket to prevent the ingress of dust and water.


SatRack is a lightweight 19” rack case designed for satellite communications equipment.

The outer shell is made from thermo-formed 10mm honeycomb polypropylene (HPP) which has a high strength to weight ratio and is non-crushable. The HPP body shell is encased within a 3mm HDPE foam jacket, which insulates the rack and creates a ‘carry friendly’ case.

The body of the rack is covered with 1000 denier Cordura which is abrasion and weather resistant and tear proof.

Anti Vibration Mounting is incorporated into Amazon and SatRack with E-Rack available in both fixed frame and AVM variants. The inner frame is mounted on 8 elastomeric mounts which are focussed towards the centre of gravity. This protects equipment from impact and drop damage, regardless of the orientation.

Military Air Conditioning

Both Amazon 19” racks and E-Rack can be fitted with air conditioning units including thermoelectric and compressor systems.

Thermoelectric systems are solid state, with no moving parts apart from axial fans to distribute the air within the case. There is no mixture between external ambient air and cooled air within the case, making thermoelectric cooling ideal for military applications.

Military Soft Cases

CP Cases can design bespoke soft cases, bags and backpacks for OEM equipment in a range of colours and weather resistant materials.

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