ThruVision Systems

ThruVision Systems is the world leader in products and solutions that detect items concealed beneath a person’s clothing.  Its systems are used to protect society against both foreign and domestic terrorists and help to safeguard our armed forces with their operations.

With advanced people screening equipment becoming accepted across the defence and security sector the company is now globally recognised as manufacturers of the ‘best in class’ stand-off detection systems.

Its products are now operating in every continent and across diverse environmental conditions.  ThruVision Systems products are developed for the real world operational conditions that are faced by its customers.

Concealed Object DetectionConcealed Object Detection

ThruVision Systems’ advanced detection technology is used by defence forces to detect explosives and weapons.  Narcotics, liquids, ceramics and gels can also be detected using ThruVision’s products.

Most people carry a number of benign items in their pockets such as mobile phones and keys.  The TS4, ThruVision’s compact detection system rapidly draws the operator’s attention to the presence of all concealed objects.

Stand-off Imaging

Most other people screening systems require the person being screened to partake in the security screening process.  ThruVision Systems have developed its technology platform around the concept of screening people at a distance to reduce screening time and contribute to making the entire security process more efficient.

Law EnforcementLaw Enforcement

Both the TS4 and TS5 systems can be deployed for use in crowd screening, entrance screening and VIP protection.  Our systems can be used to detect threats in both compliant and covert screening applications.

For mobile security applications such as random passenger screening checkpoints at transport hubs or screening patrons arriving for an event our screening solutions have been designed to enable rapid deployment.  Upon arrival at the screening location our mobile screening solutions can be fully operational by a small team within minutes.

Narcotics DetectionNarcotics Detection

ThruVision Systems' border security customers use our equipment daily to screen inbound passengers at international ports (i.e. rail, sea and air).  Our passive real time technology is ideal for screening high volumes of passengers without adding to the passenger transition time.

The TS4 is the world’s premium passive border security contraband detection system and can be installed effectively to screen passengers at existing pinch points. Our border deployments leverage existing infrastructure and operations to effortlessly deliver reliable passenger screening solutions that do not require 'passenger selection' operations.  Using this approach ensures that every passenger can be screened without adding any extra time to the passenger's journey.

Loss PreventionLoss Prevention

Due to ThruVision’s advanced technology platform its products are compact relative to other screening systems.  They are easily transportable for mobile checkpoint operations, can be permanently mounted in a variety of configurations and can be battery powered during vehicle operations.

Aviation Security

ThruVision Systems' products can be used to screen all persons around an airport's environs for concealed threats.  Using our systems, airport security can screen persons effectively at:Aviation Security

• The outer layer of the airport such as the car park
• As people approach to the terminal
• The pre-flight security checkpoint

Screening staff for contraband is another ideal application for ThruVision Systems' products.  Using our passive TeraHertz technology staff can be screened with no potential health implications or any inappropriate invasions of their privacy by their colleagues in their day to day working environment.

Corporate Security

Integrating ThruVision Systems' technology with existing security processes and infrastructure can provide an increased level of assurance that no significant threats to a facility or the people within have passed through its entrances.

Many security teams prefer to screen persons as they approach the building.  ThruVision Systems guide its customers towards effective installations that achieve their requirements from a range of perspectives including security, respect and safety for their patrons and corporate image.

Event Security

ThruVision’s screening equipment is ideal for event security including sports events, political rallies and music festivals.  Large volumes of people can be screened for high impact threats and weapons with minimal impact on the entrance screening time.


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