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Armoured Vehicles by Jaguar Land Rover

Protection without Compromise

Our range of armoured vehicle solutions covers a spectrum of requirements that cannot be matched by any other original equipment manufacturer. They cover needs that range from head-of-state level to those of key workers operating in hostile environments.

The armoured vehicle range comprises of three models: the Range Rover, Discovery and Defender. In their standard soft skinned versions each has forged an enviable reputation for style, performance, refinement and reliability.  Other OEMs may have luxury vehicles, or SUVs, or full off-roaders, but only Jaguar Land Rover has the expertise in all these areas to offer a seamless range of armoured vehicle solutions to match any requirement.  We have created these vehicles through exhaustive development to offer levels of protection equal to or exceeding those of the competition, and which are fully tested and certificated to internationally recognised standards. At the same time, the legendary comfort and driveability offered by Jaguar Land Rover’s soft-skinned vehicles has been maintained, while the armoured vehicles have been designed so that they are virtually indistinguishable from the standard models.

Armoured Vehicle Protection

Armoured vehicles come in many shapes and sizes, and with many levels of protection.  Jaguar Land Rover’s armoured range has been designed to mirror as closely as possible the standard models, providing ultimate discretion.  However, although the occupants appear to be travelling in a standard vehicle, they are protected by armour that gives protection equal to or better than that offered by any competitor.

Creating a Jaguar Land Rover armoured vehicle is a process that begins on the regular production line at the company’s Solihull plant. For Range Rover and Discovery the vehicles are constructed on the standard assembly line, but are taken out prior to completion for installation of the armoured cell, which is accomplished by Centigon.  Now part of the Carat Security Group Centigon is a world renowned specialist in the field of vehicle armour, providing a range of offerings including protection for military and cash-in-transit vehicles.  Its armour expertise was recognised by Jaguar Land Rover as a perfect match for our vehicle integration and development capabilities.  Centigon creates an armoured cell for the vehicles, constructed from specialised high-strength steel alloys with Kevlar backing. The design of the cells has been accomplished with full input from Jaguar Land Rover to maximise the all-round protection they offer. Glazing is armoured to B7- standard, and the windows are normally fixed, although an opening window for the driver is an option on all armoured vehicles except the Defender.  With the cell installed the vehicle is returned to Jaguar Land Rover’s ETO (Engineered to Order) division at Solihull, where the finishing touches are applied, including customer-specified options.  The result is a vehicle that is fully factory-approved, and is considered a full Jaguar Land Rover product.  Production of an Armoured Defender is a little different, but the result is again a fully factory approved vehicle. The Defender is completed by Jaguar Land Rover on the standard vehicle line, and then the armoured cell is added by Guava International ("Guava"), part of the RMA Group. Guava is an authorized Land Rover distributor with extensive experience in supplying, supporting and operating Land Rovers in many aid and development organisations is one of its specialities.  Guava is the first Jaguar Land Rover -approved vehicle modifier for the Defender, and the result is an armoured vehicle with full OEM warranty for the base vehicle, plus RMA warranty for the armour. With heavy duty suspension as standard, the addition of armour keeps the Defender well within its design payload limits, negating the need for additional certification or tests with regard to dynamics and performance.

Armoured Defender

With over two million vehicles produced and six decades of experience, nothing comes close to the legendary Defender when it comes to taking on, and beating, some of the toughest off-road terrain. Unlike many of its competitors, the Defender has permanent four-wheel drive with the centre differential distributing torque evenly between the front and rear axles to give optimum all-weather performance on and off-road.

In conjunction with the RMA Group, Jaguar Land Rover has now introduced a fully factory-approved Armoured Defender, Armoured Defender, certificated to B6 standard and with underfloor grenade protection.  The armour kit works within the normal payload parameters of the standard Defender, but still allows the vehicle to carry up to seven passengers, a capability unmatched by any competitor at its price level.

Armoured Defender - Front 3qtr Defender off road

The Armoured Defender is aimed mainly at organisations such as NGOs and oil/mining companies that operate in harsh environments with potential security risks.  In 2011 the baseline Defender underwent a significant update, at the heart of which is the installation of a 2.2-litre Ford Puma diesel engine.  Although the new engine is smaller in capacity than the previous 2.4-litre unit, it is able to maintain the power and torque attributes that are key to the Defender’s industry-leading performance, as well as boosting maximum speed from 132 to 145 km/h.

Adoption of the new engine allows the Defender to fully comply with Euro Level 5 emission regulations for N1 class vehicles, which come into force in 2012. To meet these requirements the powertrain incorporates a diesel particulate filter, with both passive and active regeneration technology, to greatly reduce soot levels.  Speed limiter options are now available (at 90, 113 and 120 km/h) that can be set in the factory but removed in service at a later date if required.  This facility is aimed at fleets looking to control fuel economy and promote safety. Also new are further options for trim and interior.

Land Rover Armoured Discovery

Jaguar Land Rover is the only OEM to offer a fully certificated armoured vehicle that has off-road capability in the shape of the Armoured Discovery.  Based on the Discovery SE, the armoured model provides the same B6 levels of protection as the Range Rover. It is offered with both short and long armoured cells, the latter featuring armour that projects into the cargo bay at the rear.

Land Rover Armoured Discovery - Driving Land Rover Armoured Discovery

Armoured Discovery is aimed at two principal markets: VIP protection and as a support vehicle. In the former it offers a cost-effective vehicle for ambassadors or similar, while its off-road capability allows it to provide protected transport when VIPs visit areas where roads are in a poor state or are non-existent.  In its second role the Armoured Discovery is proposed as a perfect platform for police and security organisations operating in the VIP support role, using the discreet Discovery to escort the primary vehicle.  The cabin of the Discovery can be configured to meet a variety of needs, with options covering different seating options, additional power harnesses and the ability to mount special equipment.  Combined with the 500-kilogram payload available in the short-cell version and additional battery option, this versatility allows it to carry a range of support equipment, such as communications and medical kit. In the short-cell version the vehicle can be fitted with an escape hatch in the rear of the cell, allowing occupants to dismount via the tailgate. Long cell versions have integral opening doors that allow both access into the protected cell from the luggage area, and emergency egress through the tailgate should the vehicles doors be prevented from opening as a result of attack or collision.

Armoured Range Rover

Based on the Vogue model, the Armoured Range Rover SUV is aimed at a variety of customers, such as state government and ambassadors, and for VVIPs requiring a level of rough-road capability. In terms of protection the Range Rover is certificated to B6+ level against ballistic threats, offers side protection against 15-kg TNT blasts, and underfloor protection that can withstand grenade attacks.  As with the other members of the Jaguar Land Rover armoured range, the Range Rover has run-flat tyres complete with warning system (where local legislation allows) and incorporates many of the advanced systems of the soft-skinned vehicle.

It has a number of security options available, also applicable to other members of the range, such as anti-tamper exhaust, opening driver’s window, vision assist and intercom.  An auxiliary battery is fitted to provide additional power for specialist equipment such as communications, and there are options for covert headlight flash, blue lights and sirens, and under-bonnet fire suppression.

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