Armoured Vehicles

JPA Armouring Group

Armoured Security Vehicles

Quality Armoured Vehicles with discrete Protection for All Security Authorities

  • JPA Armouring GmbH / Fahrzeugbau Stadthagen GmbH provides quality vehicles with high levels of protection to match the individual risks and objectives of security missions.
  • JPA Armouring / Fahrzeugbau Stadthagen Vehicles can support and protect you on high risk operations.
  • Governments,

Alpha Armouring® Group

Armoured Security SUVs and Limousines
  • The Alpha Armouring® Group has more than 30 years’ experience in development, production and service of armoured SUVs and Limousines.
  • Alpha Armouring® is the world’s leading specialist for heavy duty protected SUVs and Limousines.
  • Alpha Armouring® Vehicles are fully approved and Certified by “Beschussamt Germany”, “QinetiQ UK” & “TÜV Germany”.

Our vehicles are based on: Read more »


Thermal Vision Specialists

ULIS’ infrared imaging sensors bring lightweight and low power consumption advantages to manufacturers of surveillance and security systems to enable them to produce increasingly more compact and energy efficient equipment in large volumes of thermal detection systems. Read more »

Jaguar Land Rover

All-Terrain Security Defence Vehicles

Armoured Vehicles by Jaguar Land Rover

Protection without Compromise

Our range of armoured vehicle solutions covers a spectrum of requirements that cannot be matched by any other original equipment manufacturer. They cover needs that range from head-of-state level to those of key workers operating in hostile environments. Read more »


Military Vehicle and Weapon Sub-System Design

With offices operating from Menlo Park, Pretoria, South Africa, IVEMA specialises in providing innovative and specialised solutions for landward requirements of defence, security and humanitarian aid clients.

IVEMA designs, develops and produces vehicles for military, public security and humanitarian aid tasks with a particular emphasis on mine and ballistic protection vehicles. Read more »

OTT Armoured Vehicles

Armoured Vehicles

OTT Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a South African company located outside Pretoria in a rural setting. The company is in operation since 1980. OTT developed over the years from a small company under the name of Surplus Warehouse (Pty) Ltd that specialised in the refurbishment of ex-stock all terrain vehicles to its current status as an ISO 9001 certified company that re-manufactures ex-stock all terrain vehicles and manufactures new wheeled armoured vehicles. Read more »

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