Alpha Armouring® Group

Armoured Security SUVs and Limousines
  • The Alpha Armouring® Group has more than 30 years’ experience in development, production and service of armoured SUVs and Limousines.
  • Alpha Armouring® is the world’s leading specialist for heavy duty protected SUVs and Limousines.
  • Alpha Armouring® Vehicles are fully approved and Certified by “Beschussamt Germany”, “QinetiQ UK” & “TÜV Germany”.

Our vehicles are based on: Read more »

Jaguar Land Rover

All-Terrain Security Defence Vehicles

Armoured Vehicles by Jaguar Land Rover

Protection without Compromise

Our range of armoured vehicle solutions covers a spectrum of requirements that cannot be matched by any other original equipment manufacturer. They cover needs that range from head-of-state level to those of key workers operating in hostile environments. Read more »

Spectra Group

Telecommunications Service Provider for Remote and Hostile Environments

Spectra Group (UK) is a leading provider of voice and data services in areas where either none exist or where high intensity conflicts, natural disasters, pandemics or terrorist attacks may have destroyed existing networks.

Telecommunications Service Provider for Remote and Hostile Environments Read more »

Microtherm NV

Microporous Insulation

Microporous Insulation in Peackeeping

The Microtherm Group has been the leading global provider of microporous insulation solutions for more than 40 years. They are the originators of many of the insulation system concepts in use today and they have built a reputation for absolute reliability and technical competence. Read more »

Categories: Engineering, Microporpous Insulation

Paragon Precision Ltd

Defence Engineered Solutions

" Paragon supply cost effective, precision engineered solutions to organisations manufacturing problems, delivering on-time, providing quality and adding value " Read more »

Categories: CNC, CNC Precision, Enclosures, Engineering, Manufacturing, Toolmaking
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