BBI Detection

Rapid Tests to Detect Explosives and Biothreat Agents

BBI Detection is part of the BBI Group, a leading provider of rapid, point of care systems for a range of applications. BBI Detection is a world leader in the development and manufacture of rapid tests to detect explosives and biothreat agents. Our unique access to high quality antibodies means that the performance of our products is assured, and our innovative sampling device -
IMASS - provides a simple and fast route to accurate results. Read more »

BioFire Diagnostics, Inc.

BioThreat Detection

BioFire Diagnostics, Inc.:  Experts in BioThreat Detection and Biological Identification

BioFire Diagnostics leads in the development of reliable and sensitive biodetection instruments.  Known for its history of releasing innovative instruments, BioFire Diagnostics produced the first ruggedized PCR-based instrument in 1999, the R.A.P.I.D., making possibl Read more »

Categories: Biodetection, CBRN Technology and Services, Chemical Identification

Smiths Detection Group Ltd

Chemical Agent Detection

Smiths Detection is a world leader in products and systems to detect and identify threats to our freedom, safeguarding society against terrorism and criminality and protecting our emergency responders and armed forces.

Its technologies detect chemical and biological warfare agents, explosives and narcotics, including powerful X-ray imaging technologies to identify weapons and illegal goods.

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Military Biodetectors

Biral provides bio-detection solutions which enable commanders to take fast, accurate decisions to mobilise and protect personnel in the event of biological attack.

Recognising the need for affordable bio-detectors with rapid response times and low false alarm rates, Biral have designed and manufactured bio-detectors that provide an exceptional detect to warn capability. Read more »

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