HESCO Bastion Ltd

Force Protection

Hesco is a global provider of defensive barriers, protective structures and body armor.

Defensive Barriers

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CP Cases Ltd

Shipping Containers, Protective Packaging, Ruggedised Cases

CP Cases manufacture a range of protective packaging solutions that are in use by armed forces across the globe. Available in a range of materials including polyethylene, aluminium and fabric, CP Cases can modify a standard product or design a bespoke solution to meet any requirement.

Rotomoulded cases

Manufactured from rotomoulded virgin polyethylene, Amazon ruggedised cases and 19 inch racks are designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Read more »

J & S Franklin Ltd

Shelter Tents, Camp Equipment & Camouflage

J & S Franklin was founded in 1946 and has over 60 years experience in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of Defence and Security Equipment for Governments, Defence Forces, Security Forces, NGOs and commercial customers all over the world. Franklin manufactures shelter tents for accommodation, command posts and field hospitals; CBRN tent liners; webbing and PLCE; camp beds and mosquito nets; camouflage nets and clothing and equipment for emergency relief and humanitarian aid. Read more »

Smiths Detection Group Ltd

Chemical Agent Detection

Smiths Detection is a world leader in products and systems to detect and identify threats to our freedom, safeguarding society against terrorism and criminality and protecting our emergency responders and armed forces.

Its technologies detect chemical and biological warfare agents, explosives and narcotics, including powerful X-ray imaging technologies to identify weapons and illegal goods.

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