PASPAMPRES deploys ThruVision Systems’ people screening technology


ThruVision Systems is pleased to announce that the Indonesian Presidential Security Force, Pasukan Pengamanan Presiden (“PASPAMPRES”), is using its advanced concealed object detection systems.

PASPAMPRES is responsible for the safety and security of the Indonesian President and Vice President, as well as visiting heads of state. The Detection Detachment of PASPAMPRES has deployed ThruVision Systems’ industry leading solutions since early 2011. Its security products are being used to screen people in real time for concealed threats, metal and non-metal, over a range of distances. In country after sales support is provided by ThruVision Systems’ local partner PT Inspiration Electrindo.

The Commander of the Detection Detachment of PASPAMPRES, stated “ThruVision Systems’ screening equipment provides enhanced security through unrivalled detection performance and operational flexibility. The stand-off imaging capability and the compact size of the system allow us to screen people for threats in a variety of security operations, indoors and out”.

“We are very pleased to be working with PASPAMPRES” said Mr. Clive Beattie, ThruVision Systems’ Chief Executive Officer, adding “our equipment is being used effectively by this elite security force, underlining our position as the market leader in stand-off people screening systems”.

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