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In law enforcement, there’s no room for error. That’s why authorities the world over turn to Dräger. The accuracy and quality of Dräger equipment gives police the reliability they need to protect themselves and the public they serve.

Dräger's Alcohol and Drugs Screening Devices Law Enforcement professionals working in the CBRN arena, or those working in confined space and forensics, rely every single day on Dräger to provide reliable and trustworthy equipment. From one day to the next they may face anything from assailants with spray cans to the contents of unclaimed packages, so police force personnel need tight protection against harm. With that in mind, Dräger produces a range of products which includes breathing apparatus, emergency escape devices and gas tight suits – all of which ensure the safety of law enforcement personnel.

Dräger’s alcohol and drugs screening devices, masks, filters and communication systems have helped police identify law breakers, defuse confrontations and bring evidence to court. Over many years, chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear (CBRN) staff and confined space entry specialists have come to appreciate and rely on Dräger apparatus such as gas tight suits and thermal imaging equipment, thanks to its user-friendly design and reliability. And when it comes to alcohol and drug screening, accuracy and quality control is key to ensuring that the equipment delivers reliable results and stands up in court. That’s why with a lot of police forces in the world using Dräger equipment, the company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in this field.

Military Systems and Technologies
Dräger’s Mission Is Your Safety

Whether on land, under water or in the air – whenever human breathing is at risk Dräger offers reliable protection. For over a century, Dräger has protected military and civil forces as they face their daily challenges. Through decades of working with armed forces around the globe, Dräger recognises the highly technical requirements placed on military applications. Its specialists have a high degree of technical and product specific knowledge and are experts in tailored solutions for hazard management.

Today’s threatening situations pose unforeseen challenges to military and civil forces. Dangerous situations must be analysed quickly and forces given maximum protection. Dräger provides personal NBC protective equipment and a range of innovative products for the detection of hazardous chemical substances.

NBC Protection Systems and Collective Protection Systems (COLPRO)

Dräger's Personal NBC Protection Products Dräger’s NBC protection solutions are effective at the forefront of the world and the principle is always the same – contaminated external air is taken in, cleaned by several filter levels and then fed into a protected, airtight inner room, or Toxic Free Area (TFA). Dräger’s NBC protective systems are tailored to the needs of military or civil defence clients and their specific applications or the requirements of NATO partners.

Personal NBC Protection
Dräger’s personal NBC protection products include full face masks and filters, which used together can protect against NBC risks. Dräger also manufactures protective clothing in designs that meet the strict demands for chemical resistance and mechanical resilience.

Hazardous Substance Detection
Dräger Civil Defence Tests have been designed for the rapid detection of chemical warfare agents in toxic gases and vapours.

Diving Technology
Dräger products in this area have the same requirements: namely, high functionality, low weight and high reliability under extreme climatic conditions.

Breathing Management Technology
Your naval team can breathe easily, thanks to complete system solutions which helps ensuring a reliable air supply, ambient air regeneration and monitoring of the atmosphere.

Dräger Service
All our equipment has been put through its paces so you can be sure that it’s as tough and reliable as we say, regardless of frequent transportation, extreme temperatures and difficult terrain. Dräger also offers user and technical training seminars to familiarise personnel with equipment, making sure everything goes smoothly during your mission.

Dräger is an international leader in the fields of medical and safety technology. Founded in 1889, the Dräger Group is currently present in more than 190 countries and has approximately 12,000 employees worldwide. It has sales and service subsidiaries in over 40 countries, with development and production facilities based in the UK, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, the USA, Brazil, the Czech Republic and China. Its guiding principle and mission is ‘Technology for Life’. Wherever Dräger products are deployed – in military systems and technologies, law enforcement and emergency services, oil and gas mining or general industry – they protect, support and save lives.

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