Invasive Technology in the CBEOD environment


The use of non-invasive techniques such as X-ray or PINS is well known in the CBEOD environment. Whilst these are effective in the correct circumstances, they are not always the best option. Invasive technology, which penetrates the device, offers many advantages and should be standard equipment within any EOD team.

The Challenge.

A chemical/biological munition or IED presents the EOD team with a significant challenge. Most devices will involve a sealed container designed to release the agent at the correct time. Sealed containers are not only good at keeping the agent in but also excellent at keeping EOD teams out.

The environment will often rule out Blowing in Place (BIP) as an option. Equally, using disruptors may puncture the seal and cause a release of the agent. These facts present two distinct challenges;

•Correct identification of the agent.
•In-situ disposal without releasing the agent.

In these circumstances invasive technology offers an excellent alternative.


The first phase in any operation will be to identify the agent for correct threat evaluation. Many systems are available but few will penetrate a metallic container. Non-invasive techniques that have this capability are reasonably accurate but can be easily fooled. Only a physical sample can offer 100% accuracy. Invasive techniques can obtain this relatively easily. A sample can be collected within minutes without a risk of release. This accuracy ensures the correct response.


This area presents the greatest challenge to EOD teams as conventional BIP and disruption techniques run a high risk of releasing the agent. Where non-invasive techniques have been used to identify the contents the team still has a sealed container to deal with.
Invasive equipment penetrates the container’s skin whilst retaining it’s integrity. The device can then be drained and decontaminated in-situ. Equally the penetration can be utilised for other investigative techniques such as endoscopes if appropriate.


Invasive technologies offer EOD teams an additional capability that allows them to handle any CB munition or IED. It can be used on any device and any agent; it is fast with sample and disposal times of under 30 minutes; it is flexible using the same hole for sampling, disposal and further investigations; it is also cost effective due to its speed and little need for containment systems.


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