High Hopes for Hand Sized Drone at Home Office Show


A new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) created by a British Company that fits in the palm of a hand and can be operated remotely by troops sitting in a control room thousands of miles away is set to be a hit at this year’s Home Office Security Exhibition, Security and Policing, which opens today in Farnborough (12-14 March).

The SQ-4 UAV Hand Sized Drone

The SQ-4 UAV Hand Sized Drone The Hand Sized Drone SQ-4 UAV recon in flight

BCB International Ltd, the Cardiff-based manufacturers of military survival and protective equipment, have developed  the SQ-4 Recon, which is capable of performing a wide range of tasks ideal for military and security teams.

BCB International's Robotics Projects Manager, Barry Davies, said: "The SQ-4 takes surveillance to new heights. Its small size and light weight (290 grams) means that it can be carried and deployed with little additional strain.

“The drone can be flown remotely using a tablet, which also displays the video and stills transmitted by its high-resolution camera.  Its small size coupled with its 10 ultrasonic sensors make it ideal for penetrating and searching buildings and narrow spaces.  It can hover discreetly over a targeted area or ‘perch and stare’ using day or night vision.

The SQ-4 provides soldiers with instant information about the enemy’s movements, capabilities and any hidden dangers that may be lurking over a hill or inside a building without putting themselves in harm’s way”

BCB will be showcasing the SQ-4 UAV at its stand E4 at the FIVE (Farnborough International Venue & Events)

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