ABSL Selected to Supply Infrared Calibration System for SLSTR

ABSL Space Products is proud to announce the award of a contract for the design, development, and manufacture of the infrared calibration system and high-precision temperature acquisition electronics for the Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer (SLSTR). This instrument will be launched in 2012 on the Sentinel-3 spacecraft as part of the joint ESA and EC GMES programme. The contract was awarded to ABSL Space Products by Jena-Optronik GmbH following a competitive tender process.

The SLSTR is a multi-channel optical imager in the visible-infrared spectrum providing land and sea temperatures to an accuracy of better that 0.3 K as data for advanced numerical weather forecasting models and the monitoring of global warming.

The infrared calibration system, commonly known as a black body, is a highly uniform temperature source, with low reflectivity and ultra precision temperature read-out system. It provides an accurate source of radiance that will be intermittently viewed by the SLSTR instrument during its seven year operational life to calibrate the instruments detectors and optics. Typically, such devices have a reflectivity of less than 0.5% and a temperature measurement precision of better than 50mK.

Additionally, ABSL has been selected to provide the Temperature Acquisition Electronics (TAE) which provides forty-eight channels of precision temperature telemetry from various components of the SLSTR instrument.

ABSL is Europes leading supplier of such systems with twelve highly accurate black body reference sources in orbit and a further six awaiting to be launched. ABSL has provided these systems for other missions such as AATSR, MIPAS, Severi, GERB, IASI as well as a number of ground based systems with even higher accuracy.

ABSL Space Products Director Rob Spurrett said I am very proud of the contribution that ABSL will be making to this mission. ABSLs calibration sources were used on the early ATSR instruments which remain world-beating with respect to their precision. The data from AATSR will be extended by SLSTR for a further twenty years providing a continuous data set that will further scientific understanding of our planet and its climate.

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